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Producer Spotlight: Old Westminster

Did you know that Maryland has a thriving wine industry? We’ll be the first to admit that we weren’t 100 percent clear on the specifics for wine production in the Old Line State, but after we met the three siblings behind Old Westminster Winery a few years back, our entire perspective changed.


Lisa Hinton, Ashli Johnson and Drew Baker launched Old Westminster with an eye towards the layered and ancient geologies that make up this section of the east coast. They planted their first vineyard in 2011 and there’s now two farms growing grapes - Burnt Hill is looks east towards the low, undulating foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, while the Home Vineyard is situated at the edge of the mid-Atlantic maritime influence from Chesapeake Bay. The Old Westminster siblings have embraced organic farming and natural, low-intervention winemaking practices, all with the goal of showcasing Maryland’s singular terroir and landscape.

All that said, what good is terroir without pleasure? We’re featuring four selections from Old Westminster that show plenty of complexity and character, all wrapped with an irresistible drink me now ribbon. There are three piquettes - lightly sparkling, refreshing, and ready to pair with whatever you can think of: Blinded by the Light white piquette, Take it Easy piquette rosé, and Come Together red piquette. Meanwhile, reach for the 2020 Rosé this fall - it’s zesty and bright with a mineral texture. Pop a bottle at Thanksgiving and imagine you’re at the coast, ready for summer.