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Producer Spotlight: Two Shepherds Winery

William and Karen of Two Shepherds released their first vintage of all Rhône varieties in 2010, and have since expanded to include more obscure varieties and skin fermented wines. They work with organic, biodynamic and sustainable vineyards throughout Northern California to create surprising and distinct wines. As the name suggests, they find joy in the shepherding of unusual grapes, as well as the array of farm life present in the vineyard.

Shop the newly uploaded Two Shepherds wines below.


Two Shepherds 2020 Skin Ferment 'Centime'

This blend of 80% Vermentino and 20% Picpoul is full of citrus peel, ginger and soft tannins with fleshy texture and vibrant acidity.  A complex wine that changes over time as it opens, and will continue to develop in the bottle.


Two Shepherds 2018 Grenache Blanc 'A Tribute to Saralee'

A layered and complex Grenache Blanc with intense aromatics and a heavy dose of salinity and minerality, while still holding onto its brightness. This is  one of the most complex Grenache Blancs made in California, with intense aromatics akin to an aged Riesling.


Two Shepherds 2021 Mourvèdre 'L'il Trouble'

A fun, chillable red that defies the typical boundaries of Mourvèdre with its light red color and bright cherry and watermelon flavors. This wine is named after the winery’s newest goat, Trouble-it will disappear in your glass and could cause a l’il trouble!