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What Grape Is That? Three Iconic Whites to Buy Now

Tired of your same old Sauvignon Blanc and go-to Chardonnay? No shade to those grapes since they produce some of our favorite wines, but we all like to change it up. Besides, there's no better time than spring to check out something new! Our guide below lists a few options from the Drink Revel Wine stash that are already heavy in our seasonal rotation. Charming aromas? Check. Zippy freshness? Heaps. Will you pour a second glass? Absolutely. Get these icons now before they're gone.

Bonus: Going beyond your wine comfort zone can be mildly bewildering so we're including a stylistic cheat sheet with each wine to help. If you can't find these exact selections, keep an eye out for descriptions and characteristics that match up with our style guide. If you notice a match, chances are that you've found a new favorite. Cheers!



Forlorn Hope 2019 Picpoul Trobairises - Buy It!

Made in the Sierra Foothills by our friend Matthew Rorick and his band of merry collaborators, this wine makes you wonder why there isn't more Picpoul grown on the West Coast. There's a mineral note hiding under aromas of fresh apricot, and a texture that's like silk but even better. Picpoul hails from southern France and the grape's name means 'lip-stinger' - and there's a brightness here that will leave you thirsty for more.

Style guide: Spring blossoms, apricot/stone fruit, mineral notes, snappy finish




Southold 2019 Albariño 'Sing Sweet Things' - Buy It!

Here's a fun puzzle: Albariño hails from northwestern Spain and parts of Portugal, and yet we find this wine being grown in the rolling hills of West Texas. Bright and fresh with lime and salty notes like its Iberian counterparts, this has a fun depth to its texture that just keeps going the more you sit with a glass. 'Sing Sweet Things' indeed - we adore this wine.

Style guide: Medium texture, bright acidity, citrus notes like lime zest and grapefruit pith, joyful 



Jolie-Laide 2020 Melon de Bourgogne - Buy It!

Melon is the grape used to make Muscadet in western France and we love the crisp, seaside notes in a good bottle of Muscadet. This version from Jolie-Laide, grown at elevation in an extreme vineyard on California's Central Coast, hints at that saltiness but leans into flavors of zesty lemon and chalky minerality. And if you don't know Jolie-Laide yet, this is a fantastic introduction to some of the best new-school wines in California.

Style guide: Bracing, citrus notes, zest, minerality