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Art & Science 2019 Humble Cider

Art & Science 2019 Humble Cider

Art & Science
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A rustic, lightly carbonated farmhouse-style cider with floral and citrus notes and a touch of tannin for balance.

Variety: Foraged apples (mostly dessert apples)
Location: Sheridan, Oregon
Alcohol: 7.2%
Production: 504 cases

A rustic farmhouse-style cider with yeasty funkiness, floral notes and citrus on the nose. The palate has a rich balance of light carbonation, acid, tannins and a touch of sweet citrus.

Fermented dry with native yeast, barrel aged, then resweetened and bottle fermented for carbonation.

This cider is made from foraged apples, mostly dessert apples, from abandoned orchards and homesteads near our home in western Oregon.