Art + Science<br>(3 pack)

Art + Science
(3 pack)

Art & Science
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A collection from Art & Science, an Oregon-based producer of unique biodynamic ciders and coferments made from estate-grown and foraged orchard fruit.

Art & Science 2019 Sauvignon Blanc
Art & Science 2017 Quince
Art & Science Mountain Rose

Art + Science is led by Kim Hamblin and Dan Rinke, with Kim handling the artistic side and apple picking while Dan manages all things fermentation. Art + science began in 2012 when they bought their 40 acres in Yamhill County, Oregon and decided to plant some apple trees to make cider. What began as a small endeavor to make something fun and has turned into a successful label of delicious experimental ciders and coferments made using foraged organic & biodynamic fruit and fermented with indigenous yeast.