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Gilvesy 2019 Furmint 'Pixu'

Gilvesy 2019 Furmint 'Pixu'

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This Furmint is racy with an intense minerality, salinity and exotic florals to finish.

Variety: 100% Furmint
Vineyard: Váradi Vineyard
Location: Badacsony, Balaton, Hungary
Alcohol: 12%

Alongside the white-fleshed fruit, the palate is also led by the intense spiciness and exciting flavors. Racy aromas dominated initially by an intense minerality, quickly joined by notes of Meyer lemon, dried mango, ginger and pink peppercorn. In the mouth, salty, like beach rocks, and so delicious. Exotic floral hints on the long finish. It has complex character and long aging potential.

Spontaneous fermentation and aged in 500-year-old Kádár (Hungarian Oak) barrels.

Fruit is coming from the stony soil of the Váradi vineyard. Furmint is the historic grape of the region and this example shows its true strength.