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Jolie-Laide 2022 Red Wine (Trousseau Noir Blend)

Jolie-Laide 2022 Red Wine (Trousseau Noir Blend)

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A mineral-rich, delicate and lean blend consisting mostly of Trousseau Noir, Gamay and Valdigué. Cranberry with earth and spice aromas.

Variety: 44% Trousseau Noir, 22% Gamay, 18% Valdigué, 13% Cabernet Pfeffer, 3% Poulsard
Location: Northern California
Alcohol: 11.8%

Delicate and lean, mineral-laden, cranberry scented with incense, tobacco, petrichor and black peppercorn.

All components are fermented separately, partially carbonic for brightness and all whole cluster adding to the complex spice aromas.

Emerging from several risk-taking vineyards dotted around Northern California. These rare and unique varieties are extremely finite in the California landscape.