Kiss Me! Kiss Me! Kiss Me! <br>(Valentine's Day 3 Pack)

Kiss Me! Kiss Me! Kiss Me!
(Valentine's Day 3 Pack)

Revel Wine
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Pink bubbles, a full-bodied red and a little skin contact for your Valentine’s Day festivities.

Johan Vineyards 2019 Rosé Pétillant Naturel Estate
Hidden Society Skin Contact
Southold 2019 Dolcetto ‘Love Just Because’

Johan Vineyards 2020 Rosé Petillant Naturel Estate

The Wine: Made from 100% Demeter certified Biodynamic Pinot Noir. Grapes were lightly whole cluster pressed and fermented in stainless steel. Prior to bottling, 1 barrel of red Pinot Noir was blended back into the wine to achieve the rosé color. Full of ripe fruit flavors and higher acidity for a fresh and juicy expression. 12.2% alc.

The Winery: Woman owned and operated Johan Vineyards is an 85-acre certified Biodynamic Estate winery in the Van Duzer Corridor AVA, and one of the leaders of regenerative farming in the Willamette Valley. Their goal is to create a self-sustained holistic farm system to produce honest expressions in their wines, using a range of homeopathic applications to promote healthy growth in their vineyard and surrounding areas. Winemaker Morgan Beck carries this low-manipulation approach into the cellar as well. Focusing on Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Vin Gris produced in small batches, these natural wines are a direct reflection of the growing season, the place and the people behind the wines each year.

Hidden Society 2020 Skin Contact Malvasia

The Wine: Coming from Suisun Valley vineyard in Solano County, California, grapes were organically farmed and wine was skin-fermented with no filtration and zero additions of sulfites. The result is a balanced skin-fermented wine with flavors and aromas of lychee, white nectarines, unripe peaches, and white flowers with a bright refreshing acidity. 11.8% alc.

The Winery: Founded by a husband and wife team, this movement was created to empower, educate and inspire those from all backgrounds. This will be accomplished through small-batch, limited releases of wine to better promote inclusion and diversity within the alcohol beverage industry.

Southold 2019 Dolcetto ‘Love Just Because’

The Wine: Grown in sandy clay loam soil at Wildseed Farms, fruit was harvested in 2 picks. The earlier pick was hand harvested and 100% whole cluster fermented in macrobins and the latter pick was destemmed and fermented in concrete. Half was aged in concrete and the other half in neutral French oak barrels. Made from 100% Dolcetto, this wine is a full-bodied red with hearty aromatics and a generous palate of dark fruit. 13.1% alc.

The Winery: Based in Gillespie County, Texas, Southold Farm + Cellar is a winery that regularly bucks convention. Winemaker Regan Meador believes in farming first and non-interventionalist cellar methods to produce wines that reflect the vast fulling landscapes of Texas Hill Country. By embracing unusual grape varieties and harvesting earlier in the season, his wines are elegant and refreshing: a deliberate departure from the often powerful, opulent wines coming out of Texas.