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Old Westminster 2020 Take it Easy

Old Westminster 2020 Take it Easy

Old Westminster
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Chardonnay, Chambourcin Rosé, Piquette Blanc and Piquette Rouge create a tart and herbaceous rosé that will pair with just about anything—or nothing, if that’s what you prefer.


Varieties: 60% Piquette Blanc, 20% Chardonnay, 15% Chambourcin Rosé, 5% Piquette Rouge
Location: Westminster, Maryland
Alcohol: 10%

Hazy pink color. Aromas of tart red cherry, raspberry vinegar, mint and watermelon. Tastes like green pear, strawberry, salty sea breeze, white cherry, sage and gooseberry. Drink now.

Fermented with wild yeast, no added sulfites. Unfined & unfiltered. Acidulated to taste with verjus.

Sustainably farmed, hand-harvested.