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Scar of the Sea NV Coferment Bear Valley Ranch/Phelan Farm

Scar of the Sea NV Coferment Bear Valley Ranch/Phelan Farm

Scar of the Sea
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A playful and complex cider made dark and savory with the addition of Mondeuse grapes, lending it bright black and purple fruit.

Varieties: Newtown Pippin apples, Mondeuse grapes
Vineyard: Bear Valley Ranch, Phelan Farm
Location: Aptos, CA
Alcohol: 8%
Production: 46 cases

A dark, powerful cider made from old untreated Newtown Pippin apples cofermented with Mondeuse red wine grapes. Playful yet complex with notes of lavender, juniper, apple blossom and black pepper notes add plenty of character to the bright blackberry and plum fruit.

Cider is barrel fermented with native yeast and no additions. Aged for 12 months and refermented with Mondeuse grapes from Phelan Farm in Cambria. Fresh lime leaves were added right before bottling for some extra aromatics. All the bubbles are a result of adding fermenting apple juice from the 2020 press.

Cider comes from Newtown Pippin apples grown at Bear Valley Ranch, located just miles from the coast, high in the mountains of Aptos. This orchard was planted in the 1940s and has been farmed by the Theriot family for the last 3 generations. This orchard is farmed organically with no inputs and no irrigation.