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What Grape Is That? Three Iconic Reds to Buy Now

We can all get behind a good Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir but if you think about it, you probably don't have a closet full of repeating matching outfits, so why should it be the same with your wine? Jump into a whole new world of flavor and swap that Pinot for spicy Counoise, or change up from Cabernet Sauvignon to other full-bodied, nuanced red wines like Lagrein and Mondeuse. And since we're mild geography geeks here at Drink Revel Wine, an enlightening game is to dig into where these grapes come from- you'll find yourself plotting a vacation to southern France or the Italian Alps. Grab one of these three packs now before they sell out.

Bonus: Going beyond your wine comfort zone can be mildly bewildering so we're including a stylistic cheat sheet with each wine to help. If you can't find these exact selections, keep an eye out for descriptions and characteristics that match up with our style guide. If you notice a match, chances are that you've found a new favorite. Cheers!




Southold 2015 Lagrein 'Trust the Pain' - Buy It!

Before relocating to Texas, Regan Meador started Southold on the North Fork of Long Island and decided to blow everyone's mind by planting a Lagrein vineyard. Hailing from Northern Italy, Lagrein is often a full-bodied and structured wine, and Southold's is just that: Dark and brooding, with plummy fruit and a deep savoriness. If you plan to put anything on the grill this spring, then this is your wine.

Style guide: Density, savory, meaty tannin, dark plum




 Savage Grace 2016 Counoise Marchela Vineyard - Buy It!

Humble Counoise often disappears into blended red wines in southern France, where it's used to lend a bit of charm and spicy red fruit to heavier styles. Here at Savage Grace the emphasis is on the charming side of the grape, with a light approach to the winemaking to keep everything feeling fresh, with bright cherry flavors getting a little lift from the notes of red peppercorns. Medium bodied and filled with flavor, this is one of those bottles you'll open for a single glass and end up calling a friend over to share the whole thing.

Style guide: Medium-bodied, spicy red fruit, fresh peppercorn





Forlorn Hope 2018 Mondeuse Estate C/Ghost - Buy It!

Like the Lagrein mentioned above, Mondeuse is a mountain grape found in the French Alps. Typically dark hued and built with plenty of structure, Mondeuse is a great substitute for more familiar full-bodied red wines. Forlorn Hope's version, grown at elevation in the Sierra Foothills, recalls the grape's alpine roots with notes of plum, tobacco and rocky minerality. It's also undeniably delicious, with bright acidity tying it all together like a cool mountain breeze.

Style guide: Smoky, plum, chewy tannin, minerality